3 pounds!

Today I started my bi-weekly ultrasound/NST appointments. This baby is STU. BBORN. I was supposed to be on the NST monitor for 20 minutes. They wanted three “big” movements from him to say I’d “passed”. Well, after 20 minutes, he hadn’t moved hardly at all. He’d been super active all day, so I knew this was just him being a little stinker (in fact, as I type this, my belly is  bouncing around all over the place). The nurse came in and had me drink some juice. Nothing. Then she had me shift to my left side. He moved once, then quieted down again. Finally, after 10 minutes of laying on my side, the nurse was satisfied and let me move on to my ultrasound.

He’s head down, which is no surprise, since my pelvis feels like it’s about to break in half every time I stand up. She’s estimating that he weighs about 3 pounds, which she said it right on with my due date. He’s grown so much! She wanted to get a picture of his face for me, so I could see how much he’s changed since the 21-week u/s, but he would NOT move his hands! He had them right over his face, both of them, and no matter how much we jiggled him, poked and prodded, he would not move them! He was kicking like crazy but would not move those hands. He just didn’t want to be seen today! Maybe next time.

29 week pics!


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