33 weeks

Still here. Another week closer to “full term”! As of today, I have 6 weeks max before this baby is here. That’s a scary thought! Exciting, of course, because truth be told, I can’t wait to get my hands on this precious little package, but still…another baby! In my house! A baby!

I can’t wait. 🙂

Last night, I woke up several times with horrible cramps. I felt like I was getting my period times 50, or like I was going to have to get up and go #2, like, NOW. Except I didn’t have to go to the bathroom. The cramps subsided for awhile, then came back again, then went away again. During all of this, my cats were glued to me. It freaked me out a little bit, I’m not gonna lie. It’s like they were possessed! One was perched on my hip, the other was rubbing his face against mine over and over and purring like a madman. Weirdos!

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for the works — NST, ultrasound, and appointment with the doctor.  I’m really hoping they’ll lift the bed rest, but I don’t know. Truth be told, laying down is the only thing that’s keeping the contractions from coming faster, and he’s SO low in my pelvis that even getting up to go the bathroom causes me pain. My hope is that if I’m not dilating, they’ll lift the restrictions and I can at least go back to work for a couple weeks.



2 thoughts on “33 weeks

  1. haha – that is too funny about your cats – wonder what’s up with them? As for the bed rest…I wouldn’t hold my breath but you can hope right? 9 weeks – it’ll be here before you know it!

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