34 weeks

A few months back, when I made all my biweekly/weekly appointments for NSTs and ultrasounds, I remember the receptionist telling me that there were a couple times I wouldn’t need to see the doctor, I’d just need to have an NST and ultrasound. Well wouldn’t you know it, this was one of those weeks, and of course I really wanted to see my OB today. So I called, and they told me to just mention it when I got to my appointment and she’d pop her head in while I was on the monitor and answer my questions.

Turns out I didn’t even need to worry about asking to see her, because based on the number of contractions I was having while on the monitor, she wanted to see me anyway. We talked about the contractions, and she decided to keep me on the terbutaline until 37 weeks. Even though I’m still having contractions, the terb is probably stopping SOME of them, so that’s a good thing. Then she decided she wanted to check me. I laid back, convinced that I was still closed up tight. But nope. Dilated to 1 1/2. So these damn contractions are actually causing cervical changes.

I realize that you can be at 1 1/2 to 2 for weeks and weeks and not go into labor. It just seems so soon to be dilating, and with the contractions, it just makes me a little nervous.

So, we’ll play it by ear. If the contractions get worse, I”m supposed to call. Otherwise, I’ll see her again next week. Another NST, another ultrasound.

OH! And he’s not breech anymore. So that’s awesome. šŸ™‚



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