35 weeks

Closer to the finish line!

Miles still looks great on the ultrasound. He’s nice and active, he’s doing a lot of “practice” breathing, and he weighs about 5 pounds, give or take a pound.

It’s when I get on the NST that things go awry. Well, not awry, really, but it becomes obvious that the contractions aren’t in my head.  I had 3 in twenty minutes, yuck. The one thing that’s reassuring to me is to sit there and think, ok, yeah, ow, this is a contraction, and then look at the monitor and be correct. At least I know what I’m feeling is real!  My OB checked me and luckily, I haven’t dilated any more since last week. So that’s good news! She told me I can cut back on the terbutaline now, take it every 12 hours instead of every 6.  She said if the amount of contractions I have doesn’t increase, I can stop taking it. Oh please oh please oh please! She said, “I know it makes you feel crappy, and I don’t want you to feel any more crappy than you have to during these last few weeks.”

We also discussed that I’ll be switching from Lovenox to Heparin now, which means two shots a day instead of one. I was never really clear on why they made the switch, but then she said, “Switching now will be good, because if you’re on the Heparin they’ll only make you wait 12 hours if you come to the hospital, as opposed to 24 hours with Lovenox.”

Wait, what?

Yeah. If I do the Lovenox, and I go into labor, they’ll make me wait 24 hours from the time of my last injection to get my epidural. If I’m on the Heparin, they only make me wait 12 hours from my last injection.

If you’re wondering if I’m stressed about this, the answer is YES. YES I AM.  She told me that if I feel like I’m in prelabor or if I feel like I’m starting to labor officially, I should just skip my dose that day, it won’t hurt me. But here’s the thing. I don’t know what prelabor feels like! Or labor, either! I was induced with Maddie, and I didn’t experience going into labor on my own. In fact, the induction didn’t really even work very well and nothing even really started happening until they broke my water, and after that I got my epidural.

My fear is that I’ll do my injection, and then an hour later my water will break and I’ll be screwed. Ha! I suppose there’s no point in worrying about it right now, it’s only going to stress me out. Need to stay calm.

If I get to 39 weeks (which is Thanksgiving Day), I’ll be induced on November 30th.

So we’ll see. I wouldn’t mind him coming at 38 weeks.


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