36 weeks!

36 weeks is a milestone. I’m SO happy to have made it this far, and at this point, Miles can come at any time and I know everything will be ok. I have an appointment this afternoon, just an NST and an ultrasound, no OB, but if I have a lot of contractions or something, I’ll get to see her. I think I might ask to anyway, just because I feel “different” somehow, since yesterday. Today I am incredibly crampy and my lower back is aching on and off. I feel like I’m about to get my period, if that makes any sense at all. I really just want to know if anything is going on down there. I don’t think I can wait another week to find out, plus next week I don’t even see my regular OB, which stresses me out a little bit. So we’ll see. Last week she told me I”m a “pet patient” and can see her whenever I want, so I might take her up on that.

How was everyone’s Halloween? Maddie had SUCH a good time. She loved it! This was the first year we actually did the door-to-door thing with her (well, Tim did. I watched from afar) and she got so into it. By the third house, she was telling Tim, “Don’t come with me! I can do it myself!” Such a big girl.

She’s got kind of an attitude, can you tell?


3 thoughts on “36 weeks!

  1. Aw so cute! I’m glad you’ve made it to 36 weeks – hopefully things progress well and you’ll be sharing your little bug with all of us!

  2. Wow! 36 weeks! Every time I see that you have a new post on my feed I’m going to wonder if it’s “the birth” post! I can’t believe you are getting so close!

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