Waiting game.

The good news is, all these nasty contractions are actually doing some good! I’m dilated to 2 now, and my cervix is now anterior, which is a good sign. She said it’s thinning out really nicely, and it could happen any time. Of course, it could also NOT happen at any time, so basically, we just wait. She said his head is nice and low and she can feel it easily, so that coupled with the contractions should cause some nice progression. SHOULD being the operative word.  She told me that if, for some reason, we had to induce labor right now, it would go really smoothly based on the position and condition of my cervix right now, so that makes me feel better, because induction with Maddie SUCKED.

So anyway, that’s that! She said, “I’ll see you next week, unless you go into labor!” I”m hoping I do. I really want him here for Thanksgiving!

Here he is, his face all squished up. Doesn’t he look like a little grump? He’s running out of room!


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