Loves of my life.


Since my last post was such a downer, here are some pictures of my beautiful children to lighten the mood.




2 thoughts on “Loves of my life.

  1. Dear Babydreaming…Maddie and Miles are beautiful and look so happy…I know you have your hands full with them, but it looks like you’re doing an amazing job!

    I just read your last post and the June post about the texting and I’m really sorry things have been so challenging for you. As the daughter of a man who cheated on my mom (he was caught when I was twelve), I can only imagine what you have been going through with a newborn baby and a young child.

    I know some commenters suggested counselling – even if your husband isn’t ready to go, I know some women have found it helpful to go alone to have someone to talk to and sort out their thoughts and figure out the best ways to communicate with their husband. Some things my mother didn’t have were financial freedom or the support of family and friends – if you have these things/people, be sure to position yourself so that you can use them if and when you need to. I truly hope that you and your husband can find your way back to one another again, but in the meantime I am sending you lots of love and support and strength so that you can make it through this trying time. Take care of you.


    • Maddy, thank you so much for the reply. While Tim is pretty set against counseling, I had never considered just going it on my own, and now that I think about it, it’s definitely an option if Tim and I can’t make this work on our own.

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