3 months!

My little man is three months old today! I really can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. He’s smiling all the time, he tells me big stories, and he’s just such an amazing baby. My heart is bursting with love.

Can’t forget about my little diva!

She’s a perfect big sister.




The ABCs of Me!

Something fun. 🙂

A-AGE: 30! Crazy.

B – BED SIZE: Currently, queen. I would kill for a king bed, but our little house isn’t big enough for that. Maybe when we upgrade in a couple years, we’ll move up to a king.

C-CHORE YOU HATE: Dishes. I hate, hate, HATE doing the dishes. I hate the icky food stuck on the plates, I hate the way my fingers get all wrinkled, and I am allergic to many dish soaps, so the minute I put my hands in the water, I break out in a red rash on my legs and arms. And it ITCHES.

D-DREAM JOB: To stay at home with my kids and write children’s books. I have 3 written already, but I truly have no idea how to go about getting them published.

E-ESSENTIAL START YOUR DAY ITEM: Coffee. Seriously, I am a bear if I don’t have at least one cup.

F-FAVORITE COLOR: Pink. I”m such a girl.

G-GOAL IN LIFE: To give my babies everything they could ever want or need.

H-HEIGHT: 5’7″. I swear I used to be 5’8″ and I’ve shrunk.

I-INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: I played the flute in grade school and throughout high school. I was pretty damn good, too. I miss it sometimes.

J-JOB TITLE: Grain Accounting Specialist. Nothing fancy.

K-KIDS:  The Ms! Maddie Rose and Miles Daniel. And Margo Cat.

L-LIVE: Minnesota. Ask me on any other day and I’d tell you I love it, but we just got hit with a major blizzard yesterday that dumped 16 inches of snow after it was just 52* on Thursday. Screw you, Mother Nature.

M-MAJOR IN COLLEGE: Creative Writing.

N-NICKNAMES: I don’t know that I have any true nicknames…my grandma calls me Mandy (she’s the only one who’s allowed) but that’s not really a nickname…

O-OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS:  Several times when I was pregnant with Maddie…then when Maddie was born…and then when Miles was born.

P-PET PEEVE: People who mumble on the phone! And people who clip their nails at work. HATE.

Q-QUOTE FROM MOVIE: “I gotta go see about a girl.”


S-SIBLINGS: 1  brother, and soon 1 step-sister and 2 step-brothers.

T-TIME YOU WAKE UP: Miles usually wakes me up around 4 to eat. I sometimes fall back asleep and then get up at 5, but not always.

U-UNDERWEAR: I love underwear! Bright colors are my fave.


W-WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE: My kids. It never fails. Miles will spit up on me and I’ll have to change my shirt, or Maddie will spill on her pants and we’ll have to change her.

X-X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD DONE: Teeth. Ankle. Knee.

Y-YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: I love to bake! Chocolate Covered Cherry cookies are a big hit with my family.

Z-ZOO, FAVORITE ANIMAL: Exotic cats! Oh, and the meerkats.