The ABCs of Me!

Something fun. 🙂

A-AGE: 30! Crazy.

B – BED SIZE: Currently, queen. I would kill for a king bed, but our little house isn’t big enough for that. Maybe when we upgrade in a couple years, we’ll move up to a king.

C-CHORE YOU HATE: Dishes. I hate, hate, HATE doing the dishes. I hate the icky food stuck on the plates, I hate the way my fingers get all wrinkled, and I am allergic to many dish soaps, so the minute I put my hands in the water, I break out in a red rash on my legs and arms. And it ITCHES.

D-DREAM JOB: To stay at home with my kids and write children’s books. I have 3 written already, but I truly have no idea how to go about getting them published.

E-ESSENTIAL START YOUR DAY ITEM: Coffee. Seriously, I am a bear if I don’t have at least one cup.

F-FAVORITE COLOR: Pink. I”m such a girl.

G-GOAL IN LIFE: To give my babies everything they could ever want or need.

H-HEIGHT: 5’7″. I swear I used to be 5’8″ and I’ve shrunk.

I-INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: I played the flute in grade school and throughout high school. I was pretty damn good, too. I miss it sometimes.

J-JOB TITLE: Grain Accounting Specialist. Nothing fancy.

K-KIDS:  The Ms! Maddie Rose and Miles Daniel. And Margo Cat.

L-LIVE: Minnesota. Ask me on any other day and I’d tell you I love it, but we just got hit with a major blizzard yesterday that dumped 16 inches of snow after it was just 52* on Thursday. Screw you, Mother Nature.

M-MAJOR IN COLLEGE: Creative Writing.

N-NICKNAMES: I don’t know that I have any true nicknames…my grandma calls me Mandy (she’s the only one who’s allowed) but that’s not really a nickname…

O-OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS:  Several times when I was pregnant with Maddie…then when Maddie was born…and then when Miles was born.

P-PET PEEVE: People who mumble on the phone! And people who clip their nails at work. HATE.

Q-QUOTE FROM MOVIE: “I gotta go see about a girl.”


S-SIBLINGS: 1  brother, and soon 1 step-sister and 2 step-brothers.

T-TIME YOU WAKE UP: Miles usually wakes me up around 4 to eat. I sometimes fall back asleep and then get up at 5, but not always.

U-UNDERWEAR: I love underwear! Bright colors are my fave.


W-WHAT MAKES YOU RUN LATE: My kids. It never fails. Miles will spit up on me and I’ll have to change my shirt, or Maddie will spill on her pants and we’ll have to change her.

X-X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD DONE: Teeth. Ankle. Knee.

Y-YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: I love to bake! Chocolate Covered Cherry cookies are a big hit with my family.

Z-ZOO, FAVORITE ANIMAL: Exotic cats! Oh, and the meerkats.


2 thoughts on “The ABCs of Me!

  1. I can’t believe you got more snow! My family is coming down (they live in Lindstrom, MN) and I know they are looking forward to a break from the snow. I think the fact that you have a couple of kids books already written is so cool! I hope you get a chance to get them published someday.

  2. What is WITH people who clip their nails at work? I hate that too! Once I had to switch desks with a woman who clipped her nails at her desk. I picked up her keyboard to help her move and there were FINGERNAIL CLIPPINGS all over the place. I almost barfed. I still shudder thinking about it today. I’m not sure why it gives me the heebie jeebies so much. . .I mean, they’re just fingernails. But I still hate it– the sound, the clippings, everything.

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